National vegetarian week

To celebrate national vegetarian week our General Manager Helen, shares the reasons behind her choice and a hearty chickpea curry recipe: I have been vegetarian for 20 odd years, the decision was made one day after a visit to Streamvale farm as a child, but its only in the past few years I have really... Read more »FIND OUT MORE

FEB 14, 2017

Infocus: Adrian Power

The next edition of the ARC Infocus has the spotlight on Executive Creative Director Adrian.. Adrian is one of those people if you cut him in half Advertising would be written like a stick of rock on his inside. To say he lives and breaths advertising and Creativity would probably be a slight understatement. Adrian… Read more »


Welcome Rita

Rita has joined the ARC team for just over a month now and tells us what has brought her from Portugal to Northern Ireland…. Did you know that one of the icons that represents the Portuguese people is a Swallow? The Swallow is a species of migratory bird that in the time of winter goes… Read more »


Record Store Day 2018

In celebration of Record Store Day our Senior Designer Gary, and self confessed music geek, shares the reason behind his passion.. Record Store Day – The one day every year that music geeks, vinyl collectors and eBay ‘flippers’ huddle  together outside Record Shops waiting to grab that sought after slab of plastic. Started in 2008 to promote… Read more »


Award winning Classic Marble

Classic Marble (Showers) Ltd has again proven its Product Innovation credentials, picking up not one but two awards at the Biannual NI Plumbing and Heating awards. The prestigious event took place on Friday the 13th April 2018 at the Titanic Centre and was hosted by BBC’s Claire McCollum with after dinner entertainment provided by David… Read more »



Recently Meteor Lite has put an extensive amount of work into refreshing the appearance of their brand. Over the past 18 months they have been working alongside some of the biggest businesses in the UK and Ireland, and believed this was the perfect time to launch their new look. It is always a delight to work… Read more »


Offset 2018

Our Senior Designer Claire attended Offset this past weekend, which is a must-attend event for any graphic designer or creative artist. Here’s what she thought… I am just back from Offset 2018 and still buzzing. Offset is an annual design conference held in Dublin where all the movers and shakers in creative industry share their work and… Read more »