Coca‑Cola launches partnership with Premier League

In February Coca-Cola officially kicked off a new, 3.5-year partnership with the Premier League. One that’ll bring loyal fans, new experiences, access to the biggest games, and a host of benefits that only The Coca-Cola Company can offer. To mark the occasion we have been working with the CCHellenic team creating, animations, in store POS and experiential pieces.... Read more »FIND OUT MORE

FEB 14, 2017

ITS4WOMEN LOVE YOU NO MATTER WHAT..’ launch in Northern Ireland… As part of the launch activity we have been working with the team creating a video. The youtube video makes Its4women the first car insurance company to create Youtube content.  The campaign, which is shot locally in Holywood, is the first in a series of mini movies throughout 2019, starting with a Valentine’s… Read more »


Hop aboard the ARC

Some know us as Andy Rice Creative, others simply say ARC. Over the last 8 years we have built an exciting creative team, that deliver great design, advertising and digital media campaigns, that work. We are grateful to have been blessed with wonderful clients, in return we work honestly and aim to deliver the best… Read more »


The Hot Tub Centre

The Hot Tub Centre have been selling Hot Tubs and swim spas in Northern Ireland for over 25 years, a great milestone and no better time to take a look at the brand and refresh it to keep it up to date. The Hot Tub Centre is Ireland’s longest established Hot Tub Company, with an… Read more »


Diet Coke – put perfect of ice

Put Perfect on Ice is the new campaign from Diet Coke that highlights the pressures we face in the daily battle to be the very best. Especially in the New Year, everyone seems to setting resolutions and it’s important to take the pressure off and enjoy a break from it all, which is exactly what Diet Coke’s… Read more »


Update for Dundonald Ice Bowl

We have been working with Coca-Cola to provide updated wall graphics for Dundonald Ice Bowl Bowling Lane. It is an impressive space and the installation complete today is a great job. Time to get the bowling shoes!    


TQ Visitor Guide

We were delighted to win a tender contract with Titanic Foundation at the end of Summer and have enjoyed working with the TQ team since. The first project was to create a brand and a redesign of the TQ Visitor Guide. The Guide is very informative, encouraging locals and tourists alike to the many events… Read more »