ARC Loves…

20th August 2018

Each month one of the ARC team will share something┬áthat has caught their attention. First up is Helen…
What is not to love about Greenpeace’s lovable orangutan character Rang-tan.
Greenpeace has successfully delivered a beautiful animation, with a hard-hitting message; that doesn’t stray into the preachy tone some cause advertising can have.

The animated film does a great job of making the global crisis of rainforest destruction personal through an engaging, heartwarming story about a little girl who meets an orangutan called Rang-tan.

Just as we become emotionally invested in the lovable character, Greenpeace reveals the urgent mission of its global campaign calling on brands to stop using dirty palm oil in their products.

Add to that the star power of Emma Thompson, and this film will surely make a big impact on a wide audience.