Beagle going to Beagle

21st August 2019

The ARC Team have recently had the adorable addition Cassie (Andy’s dog), but she is not the only new furry friend as we hear from Animator Andrea…

Hey there! I am Andrea, the animator here at ARC (my comedic value is definitely why these guys keep me around though) and I have been asked to write a blog post this month!

I’m not going to lie, the ideas for this post started coming thick and fast, for example; Life after Love Island… Adulting for Dummies… Culchie in the big city… and many more wonderful stories and little insights into my life. But I have decided to start of with some knowledge and anecdotes from my time as a newfound Dog Parent!

We have a beautiful little Beagle called Nala! (Yeah that is a Disney reference! Well done you!) 

Nala is a 2-year-old rescue and a true gift… most of the time. Conor (The Dog Father) had been mulling over the idea of getting a dog for a while and then one Sunday morning in June we decided.. the time had come! So we went to meet Nala, who was just a big loveable ball of energy from the get-go, and I can confidently say on behalf of the both of us, it was love at first sight!

We had a week to wait before we could take her home which gave us plenty of time to pet-proof the house. We thought we had this part doooowwwnnnn, I can confirm we did not… NOTHING IS SACRED GUYS. I have the remnants of many pairs of chewed up shoes, scraps of torn up carpet, the mangled remains of what used to be my glasses, and the entrails of too many dog beds to prove it!

Being responsible for an actual living being all seemed a bit much in the beginning. The pressure to keep another living creature alive took over, all sense left and I do recall a google search as follows; ‘are red peppers poisonous to dogs’… I can confirm they are not and are in fact a healthy nutritious snack!

When we first got her I really wanted to change Nala’s name to something cute and fancy (I had Beatrice in mind – Bee for short) but now that the honeymoon period is over, and I know her a bit better, I think something along the lines of El Diablo or Lucifer might suit her better at times. Beagles are highly active dogs, full of energy and madness, and I love that about her… when it’s not 11:30pm on a weeknight that is!

As much of a pain in the butt Nala can be, we wouldn’t be without her. She has her own sassy wee personality, loves to meet new people and ‘going walkies’ is life to her. On the flip side she absolutely cannot read the room, and likes to get her own way a lot, she sometimes gets a little ‘too excited’ to see people (if you know what I mean), but you are never short of a laugh when she’s around, and I know I couldn’t be without her now.

(I was legit prepared to take on a huge German Shepard to protect her on a walk recently… the things we are willing to do for our kids eh?) *side note: Folks please keep dogs of all shapes and sizes on a lead in public areas!

Being a dog parent is a wonderful experience, and one I would highly recommend, but the responsibility is NOT to be taken lightly!

A dog is a true gift, they teach you so much about yourself and the world. They are a living example of pure magic!

But the one thing I have taken from it all, and quite possibly the most relevant piece of knowledge I can pass on to you all is… being a dog parent consists mainly of fixing that one inside out ear ALL THE TIME!